Top Beauty Trends of 2016 – The Retro Bump


Welcome to the second part in my series on the top trends of 2016. If you missed the first one, ‘Top Beauty Trends of 2016 – Red Eyeshadow’ you should go check it out here.

I first noticed this one while watching the Golden Globes. Whilst enjoying all the fashion and glam it struck me that my favourite actresses of the moment all had something in common (besides being generally gorgeous, that is). Weather it was Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer or Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggat, they all had slightly messy hairstyles with a bump of retro volume at the crown of the head, and they all looked stunning.  

I figured that their hairdressers were only something, so I did some research. It quickly became clear that they had hit on a style that was sure to be the Next Big Thing. When you think about it, the Retro Bump is really quite a smart trend. It combines the undone feeling which pretty much defines the decade, with a sleeker 60’s vibe which is perfect for 2016. I believe the popularity of this look also has something to do with the rise of Adele, who has been the Queen of the full, 60’s hairstyle since she was uh, I don’t know, 19? 😉

Don’t worry if you’re not big on 60’s fashion though, you don’t need to skip out on this one as there’s still plenty of room within the trend to express your own individual style. The critics may have ridiculed Katy Perry at the Globes but you don’t have to go as all-out as she did (I mean really, when would we ever?) You could do as Rachel McAdams did and go for a more texturised version of the trend, or be like Eva Longoria and just dip your toes in with a very toned-down bump. Famous Youtube Beauty Guru Nikkietutorials is an example a ‘normal’ girl who totally rocks this trend. Her signature style at the moment is slicked down at the front with a boost of retro volume at the back. It’s super on-trend and does great things for her face shape, so round-faced girls take note!

Regardless of the way you choose to style your retro bump, there is one thing we will all need to create it, and that is a teasing brush. I got mine at kmart for $5 and it’s perfect.

Cheap, cheerful, does the job.

You can also find them at various chemists as well as at The Warehouse. However make sure you stay away from anything that looks like thisAlthough it’s advertised as a teasing brush, smooth plastic bristles aren’t ideal for getting maximum volume from your hair. What you need is a boar-bristle brush like this one.

So, will you be trying out this trend in 2016? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Happy Sailing


P.S.I actually have a confession to make. I used to hate any 60’s inspired looks (blasphemy I know!) This only changed a few months ago when I watched a few episodes of Australian TV Drama ‘Love Child’. Not only is it a compelling drama about the struggles of young, unmarried pregnant women who were forced into adopting out their children, but it has some fierce fashion moments. Each character has her own way of wearing the 60’s style and some of them manage to make it look so chic. If you’re wanting some inspiration, or even just something fantastic to watch, I highly recommend you check it out.


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