Top Beauty Trends of 2016 – Fresh and Bright

Welcome to the third and final instalment in my series on the top trends of 2016. If you missed the second one, ‘Top Beauty Trends of 2016 – The Retro Bump’ you should go check it out here.

This past week I’ve been taking part in Farmers Beauty Week by entering their selfie competition on Instagram (see my entries here). For my final submission, I chose to combine two of the looks from the Farmers blog taking the bright pink lips from Autumn Beauty Update and the minimalistic eye makeup from the Fresh Faced look.


The final creation reminded me strongly of some tutorials I’ve seen on big Youtube channels lately.

You’ll notice both these tutorials have the word ‘Fresh’ in the title and I think that really captures the essence of what this trend is all about. The focus isn’t on glamour or experimentation like the previous trends in this series, but about feeling fresh, bright and ready to take on the day. It’s perfect for work and can easily be boiled down into just 3 key elements – lips, lashes and skin.


An easy step on busy mornings, we all know how far a slick of lipstick can go towards making us look brighter and more awake. The key to this trend is to use the right colour of lipstick, generally a midtone pink somewhere between the browny roses and the barbie brights. It can have a small dose of peach in it for those of us who are more warm-toned and it’s important to use a creme finish for this look. Though beautiful, matte lips give more drama than freshness, whilst wearing a vibrant pink colour in a high gloss finish can be a bit too strong and might look unbalanced with minimal eye makeup.

My Picks : Natio Candy, L’Oreal Shiny Grapefruit, Ulta3 Vixen 


Mascara is one thing so many people can’t do a day without, and it’s amazing in it’s ability to really open up your eyes without looks ‘makeup-y’. For this look you need a decent amount of good quality mascara, since it’s the only thing giving your eyes definition without any eyeliner. My recommendation is the Collection ‘Does It All’ mascara a hidden gem which is only $18.50 from Countdown. Once that’s done you can go light on the eyeshadow, skipping it completely if you don’t have much redness or veining on the eyelid that you want to cover up.


Lastly for this trend you’ll want to freshen up your skin. Using your normal foundation or BB cream is fine as long as it’s nothing thick or heavy. Once that’s on try popping a good dose of highlighter on the cheekbones, it’s really helps with looking ‘fresh’. Another good trick is to use a setting spray to settle down any powder and make things look lighter and more natural. My recommendation is the australis makeup finishing spritz. It smells like rosewater, has very fine mist and a bottle last for aaaages.

So, will you be giving this one a go? Farmers Beauty Week may be over, but I still want to see your selfies, so feel free to send me photos if you do try out this look. 🙂

Happy Sailing



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