Makeup Kit for the Teenager Beginner

As a high school student, and a bit of a tomboy, my sister has only just started coming to me for advice into how to enter the world of makeup. However in a fairly shot amount of time we have managed to build up a great little makeup collection, perfect for any teenage beginner. Thus today I have decided to collaborate with her to bring you guys a short interview, to get the facts from the lion’s mouth, so to speak.  I will then show you guys my recommendations for what products will make easy and cheap beginner kit for the highschooler in your life. 🙂


Tzukeet. 17. Style- relaxed, unisex, modern.

What makeup do the girls at your school wear?

Most of my friends don’t, but the girls who do wear makeup tend to go for a lot of mascara and cakey foundation (that looks really uncomfortable!) Occasionally however, I’ll notice a girl wearing pro-as winged eyeliner, and some of them get really creative with the colours.

What made you interested in experimenting with makeup?

By hearing and seeing you use it and talk about it lots, I learned about it without even trying. I realised that there’s not one way of doing it, but so many options and that made me interested to see what would suit me.

What is your favourite item in your makeup bag?

I think my favourite is the Groomer Brush. I’ve seen some super clumpy mascara at my school which has made me not so keen to use mascara. But I really enjoy using the groomer brush to make sure my eyelashes and eyebrows are just right.

So, what’s in her makeup bag?



The Essentials

Foundation – The first thing we bought, and the most expensive, this mineral foundation by Thin Lizzy is absolutely perfect for beginners. Although it is slightly more expensive that your typical liquid, it does comes with a brush plus the compact has a decent mirror in the lid. The pressed mineral formula is designed to buildable so it won’t end up cakey-looking, nor will it melt off oily teenage skin like BB Creams often do.

Mascara- The ‘Multi Action’ mascara by Essence is great for beginners because it has a very thin wand, and at under $6 from Farmers it’s a total bargain!

Concealer- For my sister’s dark under-eyes this L’Oreal True Match is a total godsend, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, I highly recommend the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair. Available from countdown, it’s perfect for covering up teenage acne.

Blush – A more recent buy, these Jordana blushes are fantastic. Available from most $2 stores they have a wide range of colours to suit any skintone. My sisters’ is in the colour Rose Silk, a nice neutral pink.

Lipstick – This one comes down to personal preference quite a bit. As a teenager I know I felt more comfortable in sheer lipgloss, but a nice nude lipstick is also a solid bet, and this one by Revlon has a nice, creamy formula that feels very comfortable.

Eyeshadow – These little palettes by Bronx are amazing, just choose whatever colours you want, and pop them in! I recommend buying one neutral and one fun metallic/bright colour for maximum versatility. Just be sure to let the makeup beginner choose them herself, since it’s so much fun!
Optional Extras


Brows – This $4 clear brow gel from Kmart is perfect for taming thicker eyebrows, though may not be essential for every beginner. Plus, look at the cut polka dots! ^_^

Groomer Brush – Again, this cheap Elf eyebrow groomer is great for those with thicker brows, or which find mascara clumps particularly irritating, as my sister does!

Eyeshadow Brush – I put this in optional, because for the beginner who just wants a sheer wash of colour over the eyelid, fingers will often suffice. However if you think they’d prefer a brush, these white ones, again my elf, are fantastic in both quality and price!

So there you have it. Let me know if this post helped any of you to welcome the teenagers in your life into the wonderful world of makeup!

Happy Sailing





Shaaanxo Palette Review

Curious about the Shaaanxo palette? Never heard of it? Read on!

It was not too long ago that the Shaaanxo palette burst onto the scene, and exploded all over the page of any instagramer who’s both a kiwi and a makeup lover. With 9 eyeshadows and 9 lipsticks, all in one slim, affordable palette, it was sure to be a hit. Created to be affordable to us NZ ladies, it is currently on sale for only $21.50(NZ) at!

As a fan of it’s creator, 23 year old Youtube sensation Shannon Harris, I was online on the launch night, and was among the first to receive my palette. Now that I’ve had a chance to play with my new toy, I’m happy to review it and let you know weather you should get excited about this palette from BH Cosmetics. 🙂


To start with price, shipping – both are both fantastic. This whole palette cost less than your average lipstick from Farmers and travelled from America to my doorstep in New Zealand in under 2 weeks. This with the most cost-effective shipping and at the time the company was busiest! It also came packed very securely, they clearly aren’t taking any chances. It has a very pretty, classic design with soft pink ‘bokeh’ and ‘Shaaanxo’ stamped on in metallic silver.


So, once I got my hands on it, what did I find? We’ll start with the eyeshadows, since I think that’s the number one reason most people are interested in this. The Shaaanxo BH Cosmetics palette comes with 9 eyeshadow shades and I have to say, they give you a ton of variety. With everything from a matte fleshtone to a matte black you can do the most natural of ‘No-makeup makeup look’ to the most dramatic nightclub looks there are. It’s not a completely neutral palette either, along with the browns, bronze and champagne there are flashes of colour. Green in a duochrome shade, a pinky-gold shimmer top right, and of course the brick and tangerine shades in the middle row.


It’s on the lipstick side that things get dramatic. Oxblood, barbie pink, neon peach, orange, soft purple, this side is definitely for those who like to experiment. That said, there’s a classic berry/red and two nude shades to keep the rest of us happy.

So, who is this palette for? Honestly, I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested as the quality, price and packaging are all fantastic! That said, I think it would suit very warm toned people especially well. If you look great in gold jewelery and tan easily the shades here will really suit you. The eyeshadows would be especially flattering on someone with hazel or green eyes, as the reddish tones are complementary to green. I think those with darker skin tones in general will love this palette as those bright shades will be true and vibrant even on very pigmented lips.

So there you have it, the Shaaanxo palette gets a big A+ from me! Will you be trying it? What do you think of all the shades?