Trend Report 2017 – Yellow eyeshadow

Without diving into all the drama, let me just say this. The Anastasia Subculture palette gets me excited. Why? Because I believe it in the next step on our journey from seemingly endless neutrals to the wonderful world of colour!

Allow me to explain. As a beauty community, we’ve come a long way since the turn of the decade. In the past 7 years we’ve moved from neutrals to pinky neutrals, to warm neutrals, to straight out pinks, red and oranges being worn on the eye. (If you want to see more about just how that went down, check out my blogpost ‘Eyeshadow Trends from 2010 – NOW’). With help from palettes like Too Faces’ ‘Sweet Peach’ and Anastasia’s ‘Modern Renaissance’ we’ve journeyed from the taupes of Naked 1 to brave experiments with colours like red, fuschia, mustard and orange. Colours many of us never thought we’d wear, yet here we are!

I believe that now, we stand ready. Ready to explore the rainbow,and really see what beautiful color pairings it has to offer. And it seems that the first stop on the tour is yellow.

Wait! I hear you screech. Yellow??

Now I get that the idea of yellow eye shadow seems very out. I had that same reaction. But if you think about it, yellow is actually quite easy way to start exploring the rainbow. I mean, is buttercup really that far from the golds you wear everyday? Isn’t mustard rather close to the warm browns we’ve been throwing in our crease for years now?

So jump on board and give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

For fail safe experimentation, try a slightly muted matte shadow. Shadows like ColourPop’s Paper tiger will help you try out yellow eyeshadow while staying chic. You could also go with a paler, more shimmery shade of yellow if that’s your thing. How about Coastal Scents’ Hot Pot in Daisy Shimmer or Citron?

Yellow eyeshadow trend


You can work your way up to the really bright shades, like Makeup Geek’s Lemon Drop or Coastal Scents’ Bright Yellow.

But, you say, how do I wear these colours? The best way is to just pair it with something simple. Choose a shade close to your skin colour to blur out the edges and let the shadow do the talking. If you want to go a little more elaborate, a little bit of a darker orange or warm toned brown in the outer V will anchor the look without over complicating things.

And now, if you’re really getting into it, consider buying a palette with some of these tones, like ColourPops new offering, the ‘Yes Please!’ palette. Only $16 on their website, it gives you lots of complementary colours, as well as one really true bright yellow shade.

So relax, have fun and remember, it’s only makeup!

Happy Sailing



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