Pantone, where are we now?



It’s been 3 months since Pantone released their ‘Colours of 2016’. I know, I know, this year is going by so quickly! At the time the colours dubbed ‘Rose Quartz’  (a pale, very neutral pink) and ‘Serenity’ (a soft light blue) were pretty much everywhere. Now three months on, I’m wondering whether any of it translated into real life. Have you bought anything new this year in either of these colours, weather it be clothes, jewellery or décor. Do you find yourself using these shades more often in your beauty routine?

I got the idea for this post when I realised that I  have picked up something in this colour scheme, and it’s something I have worn constantly during 2016.


These shorts with their cute little scallop hem detail are almost the exact shade of ‘rose quartz’. I found them on sale at my local farmers in January, and every since I’ve been wearing them constantly. Can you guess what’s my favourite colour to wear with them? That’s right. 

I swear this was not deliberate though it may have been all the blog posts I read influencing my colour choices in sneaky, subliminal ways. Or it may just be the fact that I am almost literally a walking Pantone 2016 palette. Take a look at my profile photo again next to the colours.


The Pantone Pirate? Should I be worried about 2017? 😉


Because it harmonises so well with the colour of my eyes, the pale blue colour of serenity is one of my absolute favourites.Case in point, mid last year I found my perfect winter coat, at millers of all places! Everywhere I go in this thing I get compliments, and I think it’d be fair to say that it is definitely related to the colour Serenity. Now that we’re heading towards the cooler months in the southern hemisphere I’m so excited to wear it again. And now this blog post has got me thinking what I’ll wear it with? Who knows, maybe this year I’ll get a ‘rose quartz’ coloured bag to go with it.

Pantone 2016


What about you?


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