Excited for Autumn? Here’s how to transition your wardrobe!

It’s only just beginning to feel cooler here in New Zealand, but I’m already so excited about transitioning from summer to autumn. Here’s my top tips to keep you moving with the seasons.

Summer to Autumn Transitions


1. Scarves

Throwing a scarf around your neck is one of the easiest ways to make any outfit feel more autumn appropriate. Of course you don’t want to be bundled up in your woolen blanket scarves just yet, so make sure you choose a lighter material like cotton or my personal favourite, viscose.

2. Ankle boots

Swapping your sandals for ankle booties is the perfect way to signal the end of summer, plus it keeps your toesies warm when the cold winds start to blow. Bonus points if the colour matches your nails!

3. Tan/brown nail polish.

Not to light, not too dark, this one’s perfect to transition you between the seasons. It’s also a chic neutral that’ll go with everything. This one from essence (available at some Farmers) fits the bill perfectly

4. Bronze makeup

The colour of summer tans and falling leaves, a warm bronzey brown around the eyes is sure to see you to the next season in style. I recommend Maybelline’s colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, available from the Warehouse, Farmers and Kmart.

5. Tights

Cringing at the thought of putting your dresses away for winter? No problem, just throw a good pair of tights or leggings underneath, and you’ll be sitting pretty for months to come! Just be sure to check first that they haven’t got any holes, snags or fuzz over the summer. (These have an integrated ankle sock for wearing with number 2 😉 )



So there you have it. Which of my top 5 tips will you be trying out?


Happy Sailing



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